Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Gutters?

The main purpose of gutters is to collect water and discharge it away from your foundation. Moisture is the number one enemy of your foundation. When you don't have gutters installed, the rainwater runs off your roof and saturates the soil around your foundation. 

The moisture then moves through the foundation walls and dries inside. Moisture intrusion can affect the ability of the soil beneath the foundation to carry the weight of the structure above and may cause structural damage from soil movement. 

Moisture intrusion can also damage home materials and encourage the growth of microbes such as mold. The freezing and thawing of wet soil near your foundation can also cause horizontal cracks in your foundation wall due to expansion of the soil. In short, it's very important to have correctly installed gutters and downspouts.

Why Do I Need Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters reduce the chance of leaks. We use Geocel 2320 Tripolymer sealant, an extremely durable and flexible sealant that forms a watertight seal in small joints and narrow seams. Geocel 2320 can be applied under any weather conditions and even through standing water or on oily surfaces.

Will the Gutter Be an Eye Sore?

No. The K style gutters we install actually add an architectural look to your house. This style of gutter adds a crown mold look to your otherwise flat fascia. You can customize a gutter color to match your paint or trim, which will better conceal the gutter. 

Our hidden hangers are virtually invisible. If you have a crown mold we can build it out to a flat fascia or use a “vampire” hanger, which installs under your shingles with only a small portion visible.
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What Makes You Guys "The Gutter King"?

With over 10 years of construction experience, Crown Gutters takes pride in our work! We have worked for many gutter companies, installing various types of gutters and have years of experience in the home remodeling business. 

We're not a large company and care about our customers like family. Unlike large companies, we don't worry about speed, but focus on the quality of the job. We want to make you happy the first time by getting the job done right by treating your property with respect. 

We offer a variety of colors to choose from to best help match the color of your trim or siding. We use the thickest gauge of aluminum gutter coil on the market .032 gauge. That allows us to ensure that your gutters will hold up to the New England weather. 

We use hidden hangers spaced 12" apart on flat fascia installs and 24" apart on crown molding installs. Our gutters are seamless and formed on site. All gutters are water tested for proper pitch and to make sure there are no leaks. We don't worry about the speed of the job but take our time to make sure the job is done right nothing is damaged in the process and the customer is happy. Our labor is guaranteed for 10 years and the material is guaranteed for 20 years!
Yes. We offer the best leaf guards available on the market today. Our experience working with many systems has led us to choose Leaf Solutions due to the excellent performance we have received from it over the years:

Leaf Solutions
This is probably the best leaf system in the marketplace. It installs underneath the shingle and screws down to the lip of the gutter. Leaf Solutions works well because the medical-grade stainless steel mesh is designed to prevent anything but water from entering the gutter. The three downward dips that run through the product are a real scientific breakthrough. They slow down and drive the water through the mesh, ensuring that a large volume of water will not pour over the gutter.

How Do I Pay?

We accept cash and check. Estimates are always FREE.
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